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Comprehensive Legislative Update: Florida’s New Laws Effective October 1, 2023

As Florida closes its 2023 legislative session, a robust set of over 30 new laws are slated to come into effect on October 1, 2023, significantly impacting various sectors including business, real estate, and public safety. These laws reflect a proactive legislative approach to address evolving challenges while also enhancing existing regulations.

Below is a brief summary of some of the key laws and their implications:

Business and Real Estate:

1. Liens and Bonds (CS/CS/HB 331):

Reforms in liens and bonds laws are encapsulated in this bill, providing clarity on notices, notarizing forms, and other related provisions.

2. Local Ordinances (CS/CS/SB 170):

This law aims at fair legal challenges to local ordinances by suspending enforcement during lawsuits.

3. Homeowners' Associations (CS/CS/HB 919):

Aimed at promoting transparency in HOAs, this bill mandates clear identification of meeting agenda items and proper fund handling.

4. Authorization of Restrictions Concerning Dogs (SB 942):

This law prohibits local governments from enforcing breed-specific bans, impacting pet owners and housing policies.

5. Estoppel Letters (SB 708):

Revises the timeframe and requirements for sending estoppel letters, impacting the mortgage servicing sector.

6. Real Property Fraud (CS/CS/HB 1419):

Aims to curb real property fraud through identity verification, impacting the real estate sector.

7. Land Use and Development Regulations (CS/CS/SB 1604):

Revises planning periods and evaluation criteria for comprehensive plans, impacting local development.

8. Residential Loan Alternative Agreements (CS/CS/SB 770):

Sets restrictions on residential loan alternative agreements for property disposition.

9. Secured Transactions (CS/SB 978):

Revises asset description requirements in security agreements, impacting financial transactions.

10. Legal Instruments (CS/SB 286):

Affects the perfection of liens created by an assignment of rents and revises foreclosure actions.

Public Safety and Others:

1. Minors and Golf Carts (HB 949):

Enhances road safety by requiring minors to hold a valid permit or license to operate golf carts on public roads.

2. Interfering with Sports Events (HB 319):

Aims to maintain public decorum by penalizing disruptions at public events.

3. Fentanyl Dealers (HB 1359):

Intensifies penalties for fentanyl dealers to curb opioid crisis.

4. Guns and Human Trafficking (HB 1465):

Augments penalties for firearm possession or discharge during human trafficking.

5. Cybersecurity (HB 7035):

Revises public record exemptions for cybersecurity data, enhancing digital safety.

For a complete list of new laws effective on October 1, 2023, visit the official Florida Senate website.

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